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Hiking holiday with a dog

Tips, tricks & tours for hiking holidays with your favorite pet

A hiking holiday in the mountains is not only a fabulous experience for all two-legged alpine fans. Your four-legged friend is also happy about activities, exciting walks, new environment with unfamiliar smells and plenty of time together with master and mistress. To make it a truly a successful time out for both man and dog, there are a few points to consider. Here you will find everything you need to know about a hiking holiday with your dog in Gurgl.

Dog-friendly accommodations

All those planning a hiking holiday with a dog usually face the challenge of finding suitable accommodation for two and four-legged holiday makers. The question arises which accommodations allow dogs and whether there are also hotels or apartments that are specially designed for dog owners. You can find dog-friendly lodgings easily and simply in our accommodation overview. Using the convenient filter function "Pets welcome" you will find all those accommodations that also accept guests on four paws. Dogs are welcome in more than 30 hotels and apartments in Obergurgl and Hochgurgl. With the help of other filter functions such as accommodation type, room facilities, quality features or rating, you are guaranteed to find the accommodation that perfectly suits a hiking holiday with your dog.

village Gurgl summer

Hikes for furry friends and two-legged walkers

Thanks to Gurgl's idyllic location, most of the hiking and walking trails start right outside the hotel door. It doesn't matter if you stay overnight in Obergurgl or Hochgurgl, you will find dog walks and walking paths always nearby. The trails around the village are usually wide and well developed, leading right through alpine meadows and offering unique panoramic views. Moderate climbs are perfect for getting used to the altitude and the surroundings before you set off for more ambitious hikes.

Alpine tours

Wandern Paar Sommer Gurgl

When man and dog have acclimatized, they can aim higher. Gurgl is the starting point for many alpine and also high alpine tours. Thanks to the altitude, a holiday in Gurgl is particularly allergy-friendly and four-legged friends are also happy about moderate temperatures far away from the heat of the city. Countless tours around Gurgl are not particularly difficult and are therefore easy to conquer even for beginners. If you ever run out of fitness, you can take the gondola lift up to Hohe Mut Alm or towards Kirchenkar. You can also find more dog-friendly tours in our hiking overview. Using comfy filter functions such as "dog-friendly", "family-friendly", "difficulty", "hiking time/duration" or "ascent" you will find the tour that makes you and your four-legged friend happy.

Summit tours

Hohe Mut Bahn Sommer Gurgl

Active dogs can also leave their paw prints in one of Gurgl’s summit books. It is important that both dog and master or mistress have already gained enough experience in alpine terrain. A good head for heights and surefootedness are part of the basic requirements on both ends of the leash. A sporty harness helps when the dog has to be lifted over obstacles. To make the tour a little more leisurely, you can shorten the ascent or descent by taking a mountain gondola ride on Hohe Mut Bahn or Kirchenkarbahn. In general, the following applies to all summit tours with a dog: only well-rehearsed man & dog teams with a lot of stamina and experience in alpine terrain should hike to the top of the mountain.

Good to know about hiking holidays with dogs in Gurgl

Are there any restrictions regarding the leash? In general, in the municipality of Sölden - which also includes Gurgl - a leash is compulsory within the entire village area. In this area, all dogs must wear a leash or muzzle. Certain rules must also be observed on public transport: leash, collar, harness and (soft) muzzle if necessary, should always be in your luggage.

The walking trails must be kept clean so that the hiking and walking experience remains a pleasurable experience for all two and four-legged friends. It means that dog excrements must be removed from all sidewalks, paths, streets and pedestrian areas. There are enough rubbish bins with “dog poop bags” available in and around Gurgl.

Are there any stores that cater specifically to dog owners? There are two supermarkets in Gurgl that also sell pet food. In the markets there is a small selection of food and treats. Here you can find more details about the location and opening hours of the supermarkets.

If you are planning a longer hike that your dog cannot master, a dog boarding kennel is a good choice. The kennel in Sölden is just a few minutes' drive from Gurgl and will take care of your pet while you are away.

Is there a veterinarian on site? There is a veterinarian in the neighboring village of Längenfeld who can be contacted in emergencies. Even before you go on a hiking holiday with your dog, make sure that your four-legged friend has all the necessary vaccinations and examinations. In addition, it is also useful to have a first aid kit for dogs with you so that you can treat minor injuries yourself.

Are there any particular health risks for dogs in Gurgl? Due to the altitude, Obergurgl is almost 2000 meters above sea level, there are no ticks in Gurgl. So far, ticks have only occurred at altitudes of up to 1500 meters. Other health risks are also very low. In general: always keep an eye on your dog in unfamiliar surroundings in order to be able to assess possible risks (steep precipices, unknown and possibly poisonous plants).