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A truly unique place at the heart of Ötztal is Lehnbach mountain brook flowing through the area of Ötztal’s Local Heritage Museum. Several water mills that used water power for different purposes have been there for centuries. The Ötztal Local Heritage Museum has preserved and renovated these mills for posterity. Today visitors have the unique opportunity to explore 4 different historical mills, which present the clever old economic methods at the original location: The sawmill could easily cut wood, the grain mill was used to grind grain, and the two other mills "Pluier" and "Schwinghütte" were used to process and refine the flax fibers so that they could be further processed into linen.

Exclusive and only for Inside Card holders

  • Free guided tour of the historic water mills in Ötztal’s Local Heritage Museum
  • Presentation of old farmer’s working methods in ancient Ötztal
  • Free admission to Ötztal’s Local Heritage Museum