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Alpine Time Out

Enjoying at the highest level

Gurgl. Alpine time out. Away from the hustle and bustle. Outdoors amidst nature. Ultimate rest and relaxation. Gurgl stands for the opposite of everyday life. Vacationers can clear their mind while hiking, mountaineering, climbing and mountain biking. High alpine terrain can be reached in no time. Walking and watching. Hiking and feeling at ease. Indoor wellness and outdoor scenery. Indulging in the high quality of hotels and restaurants. Another world. Time does not stand still in Gurgl. Time doesn't pass any slower in Gurgl. But Gurgl stands for time that lasts.

One click for time out in abundance

Both worriless and affordable Alpine time out thanks to cancellation guarantee, extensive Covid-19 safety measures and the unrivaled Inside Summer Card for saving heaps of money.

Alpine Time Out in black and white

An Alpine time out is varied and colorful. Come and see for yourself: here you can read it in black and white.

Images, moments, emotions

Mountaineering or biking, wellness or hiking, treetops or peaks? Everyone can find their favorite Alpine time out and send us pictures. How it works? Simply add the hashtag #GurglAlpineTimeOut to your social media content and you will be immortalized on our social wall.