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Alpine Time Out

Alpine elation in the high mountains

Gurgl. Alpine time out. Away from everyday hustle and bustle. Outdoors amid nature. This is pure rest and relaxation. Gurgl is just the opposite of everyday life. Clear your mind while hiking, mountaineering, climbing and biking. High alpine regions can be reached in almost no time. Walking and exploring. Hiking and feeling at ease. Wellness indoors and outdoors in nature. Enjoy the high quality of hotels and restaurants. A completely different world. Time does not stand still in Gurgl. Time does not pass more slowly in Gurgl. But Gurgl time is time that stays.

Gurgl Alpine Time Out - Alpine Vistas

Alpine vistas

Aiming high. Climbing mountains. Crossing glaciers. Conquering peaks. The higher the mountain, the wider the view in Gurgl. Crisp mountain air. Take a deep breath and look even deeper. Into pristine valleys. Up to magical peaks. Surrounded by mighty three thousand meter high summits. One higher than the next. The air is too thin? Glide on the gondola to the heart of the high alpine mountains. The air not thin enough yet? Every hiking trail leads to new adventures.

Gurgl Alpine Time Out - Relaxation & Enjoyment

Alpine relaxation & enjoyment

Summer in the mountains is wellness. Relaxation for the soul. Ascend effortlessly to lofty heights by mountain gondola. Hike through untouched alpine landscapes. Followed by a well-deserved break at the hut. Do you prefer an alpine breakfast, Tirolean treats at lunchtime or a gourmet dinner menu? How good that everything is possible up here. A day in Gurgl is grounding, even though the sky is the limit. Relaxation for the body. Enjoy saunas, pools and massages in the hotel. And afterwards? Take a seat, look at the mountains and review the splendid day.

Gurgl Alpine Time Out - Alpine Elation

Aiming high in the Alps

The glacier village of Gurgl begins where others end - at almost 2000 m above sea level. Alpine activities start right outside the front door. Like myriad enjoyable hikes around Gurgl, the climbing garden or the gondola up to Hohe Mut Alm offering a natural playground. After that you can even go further quickly. Just a stone's throw away: spectacular high-altitude tours on the eternal ice and panoramic trail runs at over 3000 m. Together with a certified guide, high altitude and glacier tours become a safe and memorable experience. Still not enough? In Gurgl, also racing cyclists and mountain bikers have the world at their feet.

Gurgl Alpine Time Out - Alpine Excurions & Trips

Alpine excursions & outings

Even if everyone stays on the ground during the excursions around Gurgl, it sometimes feels like flying. For example, when walking through the wild and romantic stone pine forest. Breathe in the fresh resinous mountain air. Hiking on endless forest trails. Listen to the rushing mountain brooks. A journey for all senses. There is also a trip across Timmelsjoch pass. Not only the road makes a true experience. There is also a lot to discover on the left and right along the route.

Gurgl Alpine Time Out - Alpine Exploration

Alpine exploration

Gurgl. Not just dreamy holiday scenery. But also, a research paradise when it comes to alpine nature. Behind every stone there is a story waiting to be told. Like the one of Auguste Piccard, who had to make an emergency landing on Gurgl's glacier. Or the one about Beilstein, where our ancestors felt comfortable and stayed 9000 years ago. Discoveries. Not only behind the stones, but sometimes also inside them. Like the garnets that lucky treasure hunters find in Gaisbergtal side valley.

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