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Alpine Elation

Aiming high and even higher

What do the words Alpine and Gurgl have in common? Right, five letters. But Gurgl could be also a synonym for Alpine. For challenging mountain tours and trail runs across glacier fields, for high-altitude hikes to Alpine huts, for via ferrata tours and breathtaking adventures in a climbing garden. Not just on foot, but also by bike or e-bike that make the way to the next hut quite easy. Where else can you cycle up to 2474 meters above sea level on a perfectly maintained asphalt road on a racing bicycle?

High, higher, high Alpine tour

Alpine tours are difficult undertakings, also for those having no fear of contact with snowfields or scree. Expert mountaineers have to be able to conquer the rocks courageously with enough stamina, surefootedness and excellent climbing technique. All these characteristics will certainly take you a little closer to heaven. But don't worry, there are also more leisurely hikes in high Alpine terrain. For example, the Piccard Loop Trail or the Lake Hike are also awarded the panorama hiking seal. The possibilities are almost limitless in the surroundings of Gurgl. By the way: the queen's stage of the E5 cross-border hike starts in Gurgl.

Via ferrata, view

Cool, cooler, via ferrata

A highly demanding rock face. You are standing in its foothills and think: I will never get up there. But then it works. There are three via ferratas in Gurgl that make things easier. One starts in the Stone Pine Forest, featuring also a fine climbing garden. Even the access on the narrow rope bridge is an unrivaled experience. The Schwärzenkamm via ferrata is tougher and more difficult, leading right into the glacier world. Really cool. And there is the brand-new Hohe Mut via ferrata from summer 2021 onwards.


Tough, tougher, trail running

Something for the really tough ones who avoid breaks and are fond of pain. Trail runners on high Alpine paths. Routes that normal hikers complete over several days can be done in just a few hours. The routes in the surroundings of Gurgl are simply ideal, as the annual Glacier Trail Run held in July proves.


Trailrunning, Ramolhaus, Glacier
With the racing bike to Timmelsjoch

Uphill, down dale, biking

The bicycle is a great invention. You can pedal and move forward at your own pace. Well, it's not that easy in Gurgl if you don't have an e-bike but a road bicycle. The unrivaled highlight is a tough tour up to Timmelsjoch Pass. Once at the top, the only question is: returning to Gurgl again or cycling down into Passeiertal valley? Don't forget: the way back is a torture. Maybe next time you can go on a mountain bike tour? Or even better, by e-bike ...


Click and keep fit / I click to keep me fit

Hardly any mountaineer will regret the comfy lift ride before a strenuous high Alpine tour ... especially if you hike a lot, maybe you need a lovely portion of Kaiserschmarrn in-between? Fortunately, there are plenty of mountain huts and Alpine pastures. As well as experienced mountain guides who take you safely to your favorite destination.