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Alpine Recreation & Savoring

Aiming high and enjoying

A unique wellness program that we can strongly recommend: Gurgl and its unique nature. Mountain brooks, rivers, Alpine lakes - take off your hiking boots, cool your feet and simply relax. Crisp air that provides new energy with every breath you take. Splendid sun that warms your skin, magical peaks that touch your heart and soul. Additionally, fine and lovingly prepared dishes served at huts, Alpine pasture inns, restaurants and hotels crowning your stay - by the way – with fabulous wellness treatments including saunas, bathing worlds, massages and beauty programs in Gurgl.

Wellness. Recreation. Spa.

A lot on your mind? Tired legs? Tense neck? No problem at all. Rest and relaxation can be found Gurgl's hotels and amidst high alpine nature. The wellness facilities of hotels enchant guests with saunas, massages and more. Leisurely hikes and e-bike tours offer active relaxation beyond 2000 m. And the fabulous mountain panorama? It makes you forget everything quickly. The combination of gentle high alpine exploration and relaxation coupled with impressive vistas promise new energy. At the Diamond in summer: Drop by. Unwind. Recharge energy. At the highest quality.

Ötztal, Gurgl, Alpine Time Out, Summer, Couple, Wellness, Spa

Culinary. Exercise. Enjoyment.

A morning that tastes good to everyone: a fine alpine breakfast served at Lenzenalm is both a fitness and a happiness booster. Recharge your battery for the hiking day. A good mood is also guaranteed while enjoying the delicious treats at the heart of the awakening mountains. Hikers can also start the day in this way at Hohe Mut Alm. Would you like to go for a little round with a stopover in the evening? It must not be long. A leisurely walk to quaint Zirben Alm. Or towards scenic Lenzenalm or Schönwieshütte, which offer barbecue and gourmet evenings in summer. The Gourmet Gondola of Kirchenkarbahn even covers several meals at the same time. The (next) culinary experience is never far away in Gurgl.

Hohe Mut, Breakfast

Being active. Feeling. Breathing.

The fresh and clear air in Gurgl works like medicine. Pollen load is almost zero, allergy sufferers can relax without worries. What is called bracing climate and makes you feel so good, should better be named stimulating or adorable climate. The nights are cool and you will never need air conditioning to enjoy a good night’s sleep. Gurgl stands for pure wellness – indoors and outdoors. Hiking, exploring nature, relaxing, unwinding. The overall mountain experience and being active at over 2000 m promise that you wind down. Gurgl is pure wellness - indoors and outdoors. Hiking, enjoying nature, relaxing, recovering.

Enjoying the view

Art. Delicacies. Market time.

Living where others spend their vacation? Creating art, being inspired where others go on holiday! From 23 July to 15 August, Alpine ARTtime will be held in Gurgl for the first time in cooperation with renowned artists who have their roots in Ötztal. An art exhibition at Gurgl Carat as well as practical workshops and lectures are scheduled. When the seasons ends, you can join the Handicraft & Delicacy Market from 13 to 15 August. There is fine craftsmanship and entertainment, as well as farmer's bread, smoked sausages, bacon, schnapps, yoghurt, milk and cheese. Everything fresh from producers within Ötztal. Yummy!

Gurgl, Alpine Time Out, Art. Delicacies. Market time.

Just one click away from great holidays

Superb holidays thanks to fine food. Great vacation thanks to comfy mountain lifts and gondolas. Being beautiful thanks to soothing wellness and massage offers that hotels (and nature) have to offer in Gurgl.

Culinary experiences

As love goes through the stomach: Discover Ötztal moments of enjoyment

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