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Alpine Views

Looking up high and deep inside

You can feel Gurgl. Gurgl touches your soul. Wind, sun, light - everything is so intense here. The clear mountain air offers uninterrupted views plus deep insights. The green that is only available here. The blue that caresses the mountain tops. Rushing brooklets, thundering waterfalls, quiet mountain lakes. Superb vistas. It doesn't matter whether you come up on foot or use the mountain lifts. Seeing and feeling - that's Gurgl.

View from Hohe Mut to the glaciers, two hikers

Hohe Mut: glacier enjoyment

An Alpine world full of peace and quiet. If you indulge in the unique view of the glaciers from Hohe Mut Alm, you will soon forget everything around you. This is not just any place. This is the place to be for happy and entirely satisfied people.


Top Mountain Crosspoint: summits in a row

The mountain is calling. In Gurgl this is not a stereotyped phrase. The mountains actually are calling you. While standing on the “footbridge” at the toll station, this incomparable vantage point on the Timmelsjoch High Alpine Road, all the mountain tops literally scream: look at me! And everything is quiet and peaceful.


Timmelsjoch in Summer

Rotmoostal: beastly beautiful

The mountain brook in Rotmoostal has all the time in the world. Sometimes the water almost stands still. Hikers adapt to its pace. They walk leisurely. A little detour, a short stop. Or even a break? Yes, please! Lying on the soft grass, your eyes towards the sky, towards the mountains. Watch the scenery and be amazed. Majestic peaks, gentle meadows. Magnificent rock, colorful flowers. There are even horses that spend the summer here. Truly happy animals.


Kirchenkar Gondola: view to the power of two

Ötztal lies at the hikers’ feet. This is not a clumsy advertising slogan, but a reality for all those who float up on Kirchenkar Mountain Gondola. A new vantage point offers breathtaking views of Ötztal, Tirol and the Alps. As it never hurts to change your point of view in life, there is a second vista platform in the summit area, just a few walking minutes away, which overlooks even the Dolomites. No theater stage, but really great cinema. The actors: mountains, peaks, valleys.

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If you want, you can save a few (hiking) meters - and use the mountain lifts. Guests can also save cash thanks to the Inside Summer Card. But don't worry: the Alpine pastures and mountain huts are certainly not thrifty - their tables are richly set.