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Hiking with children

Family adventure hiking

When hiking with children, mountain time becomes family time. Find out what you should consider so that even the little ones will really enjoy nature. We also show child-friendly hiking routes in Gurgl and other adventures for young and old in upper Ötztal.
hiking with children in Obergurgl Hochgurgl

The world’s biggest playground is nature

Children love to be in the outdoors. They jump in puddles, play with wooden sticks and stones and discover animal tracks. They are in the fresh air and learn a lot about how to deal with nature and its inhabitants. Nature exploration at the heart of the mountains is even more exciting. Boulders quickly become a kind of Mount Everest, babbling brooks become a water playground and the stone pine forest becomes the scene of an exciting treasure hunt. A hiking holiday with children guarantees very special adventures. The journey is its own reward. It's not about higher, faster, further - family experience is much more important. Enjoy high alpine elation on a summer holiday with your children in Gurgl.

Tips for hiking with children

Many parents may ask themselves: "How can I get my children excited about hiking?" Probably it's easier than you think. Children and hiking – they go together very well in case the general conditions are right. We have summarized our best tips for you so that your time in the mountains is guaranteed to be a truly memorable experience.

Route planning

Route planning is the holy grail when it comes to hiking with kids. Which routes are suitable for hiking tours with children? The most important thing is good planning in advance. Depending on the age of the children, the hike’s difficulty level should be chosen. Wide paths, no or moderate climbs and sufficient opportunities for breaks and refreshments are perfect. This leads to the next question: what equipment do children need for a hiking tour? Sturdy footwear is just as important as weather-appropriate clothing. Don't forget sun protection and enough to drink - so you are perfectly prepared for a hike with kids. You can find family and child-friendly hikes in the surroundings of Gurgl HERE.


The journey is its own reward

When hiking with children, it's not about an entry in the next summit book. The family adventure is in the foreground: flowers along the trail or butterflies fluttering by are more important than the tour itself. Calmness and flexibility make hiking with children a wonderful experience. An alpine time out for all the family.


Being creative

The youngest ones show us every day: with a large portion of imagination, the world becomes much more colorful. Therefore, always plan breaks for playing and romping around during the hike. What games and activities are suitable for entertaining my children during the hiking tour? Nature is just perfect for short challenges, guessing and role-playing games. A fallen tree trunk can become a bridge that you have to balance on. Leaves and stone pine cones create a real work of art on the smooth forest floor. A small test of courage should not be missing either. Who dips their toes in the freezing cold mountain brook the longest?



Theme trails, such as Gurgl's Zirbenweg, are perfect for young hikers. The youngest ones can comfortably discover nature, learn interesting details and stay motivated and on the move. It's also exciting when the hike has a different motto every day: for example, stone and rock yesterday, alpine animals today, water and ice tomorrow. A hiking holiday is even more pleasant for children if there are also other activities on the program. How about an alpine excursion, for example?



Any tips and special tricks on how I can get my kids to enjoy the hiking tour? The most important thing on vacation is that it is fun. When hikers of all ages are tired and exhausted, it's time for a break. Among the best ideas is a stop at a mountain hut. If your legs are still too tired after the stop, then you can take the mountain gondola down into the valley in a relaxed manner. After all, enjoying the high alpine area is also possible without top sporting performance. Such a mixture of active adventure and quiet moments of pleasure makes sure that your hiking holiday with children will be a complete success.

Family-friendly exploration in Gurgl

In Gurgl there are special offers for hiking tours with children. Fun for all the family is guaranteed during these action-packed activities.

Hohe Mut:

Depending on your mood and stamina, you can take the gondola or walk up to 2670 meters altitude. Up there on the broad ridge of Hohe Mut there is everything a child's and adult's heart could possibly desire. A large adventure playground makes small children and young people equally happy. The easy hiking trail over the ridge of Hohe Mut is just perfect for a walk. The view of 21 three thousand meter high peaks is as well included. At Hohe Mut Alm you can stop off and enjoy mouth-watering Tirolean delicacies.

Top Mountain Crosspoint:

Here it is difficult to decide which activity is on the program first. The choice is huge, ranging from the playground in motorcycle design to the Top Mountain Motorcycle Museum with an exciting adventure world or the mountain gondola that leads to over 2800 meters. After the thirst for adventure has been satiated, the real hunger can be dealt with: Austrian and Italian dishes are served in the Crosspoint restaurant. The spectacular Timmelsjoch high alpine road also starts here.

Children’s playground Kressbrunnen:

A good 5 minutes from the village center, in the hamlet of Kressbrunnen, there is a real play paradise for sporty people. Anyone who has always wanted to play tennis with a view of the mountains has come to the right place. Young and old can put their tennis skills to the test on two courts. Right next to it, the playground with slide and sandpit invites you to let off steam. The two large trampolines make children's eyes shine.

Zirben Alm:

At the entrance to the stone pine forest you will find quaint Zirben Alm with a natural playground. A perfect destination for leisurely walks or as a stopover before or after a hike through the scenic stone pine forest. Great advantage for the whole family: Zirben Alm is only about 15 walking minutes from the village center. A stroller-friendly hiking trail leads through alpine meadows directly to the hut. What’s more, Zirben Alm can also be reached by car.


Who hasn't wanted to feel like a real treasure hunter? This dream becomes reality in Gurgl’s stone pine forest. The treasures, so-called geocaches, feature GPS coordinates. Equipped with a treasure hunting map and with or without a GPS device, the search will start. An adventure that playfully combines exercise in nature with exciting knowledge.

FAQs about hiking with children

In Gurgl and throughout Ötztal there are myriad child and family-friendly hiking tours. Theme trails such as Obergurgl’s Zirbenweg are not only instructive, but an adventure for all the family. Within the entire Ötztal, Tirol’s longest side valley, there are over 1600 kilometers of hiking trails waiting to be discovered. Hiking holidays with children are even better when small activities enrich family time. In Obergurgl there are varied adventure playgrounds, large trampolines, an exciting museum, tennis courts and a lot more for fun-packed hiking breaks.

How long the hike with your offspring can last depends on many factors. How old are the children? How difficult is the hiking route? And how much sport do the kids do every day? A general rule is the following: from the age of about 4, children can do short hikes. On moderate routes, 6 to 7 kilometers are definitely possible – of course with sufficient breaks and enough variety along the route. At the age of 6 to 11 years, more than 10 kilometers are not a problem at all - if the basic conditions are right. You will find useful tips for varied hiking with children HERE.

Hiking with children makes a wonderful experience if all the conditions are perfect. It includes not only the external conditions such as route length, route difficulty and weather. Also make sure you have enough food and drink with you, pack the right clothes, and accurately assess your children's physical fitness. It is best to save local emergency numbers before the tour just in case something happens.

The most important safety measure is to plan very well in advance. It includes choosing the right route (altitude meters, difficulty, length, physical condition, places to stop for refreshments, weather, etc.) and having the right equipment. Well-fitting hiking shoes (ankle-high) as well as comfortable and robust clothing are essential for surefooted hiking. You should always have enough water and snacks ready for all family members. It is also important that you can adapt the route to the current conditions at any time. Further information on safe hiking with children can be found HERE.

The best way to prepare for your hike with kids is to keep two things in mind: the route and the equipment. When choosing a route, it is important to find an exciting hike that challenges the children but does not overwhelm them. The selected route then determines the equipment needed. In addition to sturdy hiking boots with grip sole and weatherproof clothing, a hiking backpack is also an absolute must for young mountaineers. But it should not be too heavy and, above all, well padded. Make sure you have enough snacks and drinks with you. It is also advisable to prepare small games and have alternatives ready if your fitness and motivation should drop. You can find more tips for hiking with children HERE.