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Hiking with dogs

Walking with dogs in the mountains

A holiday with your dog in the mountains is a wonderful experience. Here you can find out everything you need to know about hiking holidays with dogs so that both mistress and master as well as your four-legged friend can fully enjoy a time out in the Alps.

Holiday preparation on four paws

For a truly relaxing hiking holiday with a dog good preparation is required above all. Even without mountains on the doorstep, the dog can be optimally prepared with long walks for the upcoming mountain adventures. Your four-legged friend should be able to cover distances of up to 20 kilometers on level terrain without any problems if you are planning a longer mountain tour. Additionally, the dog must understand the basic commands. Especially commands like "stay" and “come” are enormously helpful in the open terrain. The following applies: all situations that the dog already gets to know at home, can be mastered more confidently on the hike. The nice side effect of the holiday boot camp? Training together strengthens the bond and increases the anticipation of the holiday.

hiking with dogs in Obergurgl Hochgurgl

What to consider when hiking with a dog

Once arrived at your holiday destination, there are a few basic rules to follow so that the hike becomes a memorable experience for all two and four-legged mountain fans.


Basically, every breed of dog has companions who like to hike. The fitness and physique of the dog determine how long the hike can be. Of course, shorter hikes are recommended for breeds with shorter legs. If the dog is fit and healthy, hiking into old age is no problem. Please be careful with young dogs. In order to avoid joint damage, the growth period between 1 and 1.5 years should be completed in any case.



The hiking route should be chosen in such a way that master or mistress as well as your four-legged hiking friend can get along well with it. The length of the route and the altitude difference to be covered should definitely be included in the decision. Any via ferrata passages must also be checked in advance so that they do not become an insurmountable obstacle.


Mountain huts

Don't forget your four-legged friend if you plan a multi-day tour with overnight stays in a mountain hut. Are dogs allowed there? Are there single rooms where you and your dog can rest? This should be checked already in advance by contacting the hut tenant. Even if you take a short break from hiking at the hut, it is advisable to ask beforehand so that you can carry out your tour as planned.



Dog harness and collar are part of the basic equipment on every hike. A harness with a handle on the back is ideal so you can help your dog conquering obstacles or hold on in tricky situations. The leash is also part of the basic hiking equipment. When crossing alpine pastures with grazing animals, dogs should always be on a leash. If parts of the route are covered by public transport, don't forget to pack a muzzle for the bus ride.

Dog-friendly hikes around Gurgl

hiking with dogs in Obergurgl Hochgurgl

When going on holidays with your dog, every walk becomes a small tour of discovery. In Obergurgl and Hochgurgl, dog lovers will not only find local walks offering fabulous views, but also spectacular hikes for both people and dogs.


  • Around the village: In Obergurgl, Hochgurgl and Untergurgl, the local hiking trails start right outside the front door. The wide open walking paths lead through alpine meadows with moderate climbs. Perfect for relaxed dog walks. By the way: you will find enough doggie bags and rubbish bins along the routes so that nature stays clean.
  • Alpine tours: Gurgl is the starting point for myriad hikes in alpine and high alpine terrain. Despite the altitude, the trails are well maintained and ideal for hiking with dogs. Our special tip: the hikes to Hohe Mut Alm, Schönwieshütte and Langtalereckhütte boast great views and are no problem for sporty four-legged friends.
  • Summit tours: Well-attuned hiking teams of people and dogs can also consider conquering one of the summits. In order for the paw print to end up in the summit book, the dog and master or mistress should have gained a lot of experience in alpine terrain before and rely on each other 100%. HERE you will find summit conquests and alpine tours in the surroundings of Gurgl.

FAQs about hiking with dogs

Dog owners and their four-legged companions will find a true hiking paradise around Gurgl. The mountain village lies at almost 2000 meters. Even easy loop tours around the village become an experience in the face of centuries-old glaciers. There are many fabulous hikes, ranging from leisurely to high alpine, that you can do with your dog. HERE you will find out more about the best routes for two legs and four paws.

Excellent planning is essential when hiking with a dog. Introduce your dog to hiking with longer walks even before you go on holiday. When on holiday, a dog-friendly choice of route and the right equipment are crucial for a successful alpine break. HERE you can find out what you should know about hiking with a dog in the mountains and where the most beautiful hiking routes are.