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Geocaching in Obergurgl-Hochgurgl

A modern type of paperchase

Geocaching is quite simply explained: by using GPS coordinates you search for hidden treasure boxes known as geocaches. The digital paperchase has become very popular around the globe. Even in the scenic Ötztal mountains you can indulge into this very special leisure time activity. In Obergurgl-Hochgurgl, treasure hunters equipped only with a printed map - even without GPS device - set out to explore the varied terrain. An exciting alternative or a good addition to the "hiking adventures" within the region.

Find your way towards the treasure

Active guests receive a treasure hunting map in the local information office of Ötztal Tourismus. The 3 kilometer long route shown on the map leads about 1.5 to 2 hours through the Stone Pine Forest in Obergurgl, past several locations with hidden treasure boxes. Every single one contains a riddle, if you solve it and write the letters on the map you get the solution word. And what's best - your own little treasure is waiting to be picked up at the information office. For all those who are part of the online community: Of course, their find can also be logged at geocaching.com.

The treasure map for download (PDF)

GPS data of Stone Pine Forest in Obergurgl:

  • Cache 1: N 46 51.732, E 011 00.954 GPS-Data
    Secret Tip: The first cache is hidden after the fork-off to the via ferrata.
  • Cache 2: N 46 51.613, E 011 00.811 GPS-Data
    Secret Tip: This cache watches the opposite side - an unobstructed view of the Gurgler Ache and Maningen Bach mountain brooks.
  • Cache 3: N 46 51.488, E 011 00.888 GPS-Data
    Secret Tip: A cache perfectly hidden under the roots of one of the two trees which are connected by a stone slab.
  • Cache 4: N 46 51.651, E 011 01.096 GPS-Data
    Secret Tip: This tree and the wall are a single unit, leave the rest of the stones where they are - don‘t move them to another place.
  • Final: N 46 52.220, E 011 01.626 GPS-Data
    Secret Tip: Loads of interesting details and useful information but only one right solution!
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