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Breathe freely. Take a deep breath.

Summer stay & hiking in Gurgl: Relaxation wherever you go

Some say that the world has its end in Gurgl. Others think that the world is just beginning in Gurgl. Holiday makers will be enchanted by the unique Alpine scenery and the fabulous mountains guarding the mountain village. Roaming through the stone pine forest, enjoying unspoilt nature, climbing the majestic mountains. If you think that hiking takes strength: Gurgl is a stimulating place of strength! A village at almost 2000 meters, amidst colorful mountain meadows in full bloom, encircled by white glaciers under the deep blue sky, far away from the crowds. It's hardly surprising that also the worries fly away with the gentle wind. Gurgl is just like medicine for body, mind and soul. Fresh air in the vacationer's nose, without any pollen load thanks to the high altitude. Allergy sufferers can finally take a deep breath without worrying. Relaxing, enjoying and recovering at the highest level. If you want to come down, you have to come up to Gurgl.

Hiking & mountaineering in Gurgl

Starting at 1930 meters. Easily on foot. Or enjoy an effortless gondola ride up to cloud 9. To the heart of the Alpine mountains. Hohe Mut gondola whisks guests quickly and smoothly up to 2670 meters. Hochgurgl or Wurmkogel gondolas  take you even higher up to 3064 meters. No matter if with your own muscle power or the help of the latest technology - Gurgl and Ötztal are at your feet.

Health & high altitude

Obergurgl appeals. On all senses, your soul, your body and mind. Allergy sufferers and asthmatics can breathe freely in fresh mountain air almost free of pollen, house dust mites and mold spores. Scientists of Innsbruck's University have been studying the stimulating climate of Upper Ötztal for years. After a few days, allergy sufferers will feel positive effects still noticeable after returning home. Obergurgl appeals - in a sustainable way.

Top 7 Hikes in GURGL


Easy Hike - Obergurgl Stone Pine Forest Theme Trail

The trees exhale healthy pine-scented air breathed in by the hikers. Some 300 old stone pines can be found in a small forest close to Obergurgl, on a winding theme hiking trail. The easiest way to get there is from Hohe Mut gondola middle station.

to the stone pine forest


Intermediate Hike - Piccard Bridge Obergurgl

The tour leads to the spectacular 142-meter long Piccard Bridge that spans a deep gorge. The suspension bridge, named after the balloonist Auguste Piccard who once landed on the nearby glacier, is an important link between Langtalereck Hütte and Ramolhaus.

to the Piccard bridge



Family Hike - Via Schönwieshütte to Langtalereckhütte

First through the fragrant stone pine forest, then into Rotmoostal where Schönwieshütte captivates hikers with its modern architecture. The kitchen is equally excellent and spoils guests with lovingly prepared dishes. By the way, the same also applies to Langtalereckhütte!

to Langtalereckhütte


Archaeological Loop Trail - Alpine Lake Area incl. Soomsee and Ittlsee

The two lakes hike takes around 6 hours. But time becomes a relative term on this tour. Some 9000 years ago people were here in this place - as Beilstein testifies, where a fireplace and charcoal were found.

Alpine lake area


Panorama Hike - Hohe Mut plus Glacier Exploration

A truly incomparable view: A dozen glaciers and 21 three-thousand meter high peaks. The best thing about it: You walk in gentle terrain, hiking over grassy slopes. Even better: Hohe Mut gondola takes you up very quickly ...

Hohe Mut plus Glacier Exploration


High Alpine Hike - Tour to Ramolhaus

From 2000 up to 3000 meters - those who conquer this tour are experienced mountaineers who are ready to face many challenges. In the foothills of Schalfkogel you walk to Ramolhaus, nestling on the rock like an eagle's nest and offering fantastic 3000 m mountain views.

to Ramolhaus


Hike for True Explorers - Guided Hike "On the traces of garnets"

Quartz, marble and Ötztal garnet stones will shine on this guided tour, which takes place every Friday (start: 9.00 am in Obergurgl). The nature park guide takes all hikers up to Hohe Mut and also explains the varied wildlife and flora.

Guided hike "On the traces of garnets"


Timmelsjoch High Alpine Road




The secret gate to the south

Top Mountain Motorcycle Museum



Europe's highest Motorbike Museum

Top Mountain Star




Exclusive panorama bar at 3080 meters

Nature Park Info Point Hohe Mut Alm



High Alpine research up close

02.08.2020 - 06:00 am

Glacier Flea Walk

more details to the event

Climbing offer in Gurgl

It will get airy here

If you love rock sports, then pack your climbing gear for roping up the Zirbenwald climbing garden suitable for beginners. The family-friendly Schwärzenkamm via ferrata also starts there. It's more for experienced climbers who also focus on enjoyment and superb vistas. You can of course book a certified guide.


Climbing offer in Gurgl


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Gurgl is accessible via Italy until approximately 11.08.2020!

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