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Mountains cannot be surmounted except by winding paths

The E5 European long-distance hiking trail leads from the French Atlantic coast to Italy's Venice. Hikers in Upper Ötztal conquer the true queen's stage: they hike on the original Zwieselstein - Timmelstal - Timmelsjoch route from Obergurgl and its spectacular Timmelsjoch High Alpine Road to Timmelsjoch Pass (2509 m).

Satisfy wanderlust step by step towards new heights

What is behind the next mountain? Curiosity has always driven man to broaden the horizon. When crossing the Alps on the European long-distance hiking trail, passionate walking fans can indulge in this unique feeling. Early in the morning you start from Obergurgl across Alpine rose-strewn meadows in lower Königstal to Hochgurgl. Past Top Mountain Crosspoint where motorists and motorcyclists pay the road toll for the fastest way to South Tyrol. Close to the High Alpine Pass Road hikers set their own pace on the E5 and find inspiring stops along the route, such as the "Smuggler" monument which is part of the "Timmelsjoch Drive". Rich in scenic impressions you finally reach Timmelsjoch Pass (2509 m). A hikers' book and an embossing stamp capture both unique impressions and memories while the Pass Museum takes you to an ice cave and back to the history of this Alpine pass.


For long-distance hikers the ascent to Timmelsjoch Pass is only the first part of the day's stage. You will then walk down through gentle Alpine valleys and picturesque villages to Moos in Passeier. For this intermediate to difficult tour you should plan around 10 walking hours. Almost 1000 altitude meters uphill are followed by another 1900 m downhill. It's of utmost importance that you pace yourself, also the weather forecast should be very stable.


The hike to Timmelsjoch is also worthwhile as a day tour. If you don't want to walk back to Obergurgl on foot you can fully enjoy your time at the pass height and take the Timmel Bus which takes you comfortably down to the valley. Of course also parts of the hiking route can be covered by bus.

Ötztal Timmelsjochstreet Obergurgl Landscape