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Easter skiing

Sunshine skiing in spring

The warm spring sun on your face, the finest corn snow – called firn - under the skis: of course, the Easter bunny likes that too. On 112 slope kilometers and in 25 mountain lifts, egg hunting becomes a true challenge, because Gurgl is especially known for its spacious and wide open ski runs. Here we explain why not only the Easter Bunny likes to come to Gurgl for ultimate skiing.

skiing Gurgl slope ski area sunshine

Easter holidays in the mountains

The date of Easter is different every year. It varies from late March to late April. As one of the snow-surest ski areas in the Alps, Gurgl’s skiing season lasts until the end of April. Easter and skiing simply belong together at the Diamond of the Alps. Because skiing under the warming spring sun is a very special pleasure.

While the flowers have long been sprouting down on the valley floor, you will still find excellent ski slope conditions in Gurgl. Thanks to the high alpine altitude between 1800 meters and 3030 meters, not only the mountain peaks are white in spring, but also the valley is sometimes still snow-covered. This makes the Easter egg hunt more difficult, but all winter sports enthusiasts can look forward to first-class skiing.

On the sunny side of life

Easter holidays in the snow can be enjoyed particularly well on the countless sun-kissed terraces throughout the ski area. When the days are getting longer and the sun rises earlier, there is sunshine almost in the entire ski area all day long. If you don't want to miss a single ray of sunshine, then the terraces of Hohe Mut, Crosspoint, Nederhütte, Kirchenkarhütte etc. make an ideal spot. From your place in the sun you will not only enjoy the breathtaking views, but also alpine delicacies served in the mountain huts and inns. An old skier's saying goes: even the best scrambled pancake – “Kaiserschmarrn” - tastes at least twice as good on a sun terrace.

skiing pleasure Crosspoint winter couple
Why skiing at Easter?

Here are 5 more reasons why spring skiing in Gurgl is so special. 

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hiking Gurgl winter snow couple

Sunny side up: also off the groomed slopes

Not only skiing is a real treat at Easter and in spring. There are also many other activities away from the ski pistes, that await all Easter holidaymakers. How about a relaxing walk on the winter hiking trails around Gurgl? Thanks to the longer days, there is still enough time after skiing to admire Gurgl and its unique nature landscape. Enjoy the pleasant spring air on a stroll through Obergurgl. In the wellness parlor of your hotel, you can enjoy the day’s last rays of sun bathing the mountain peaks in deep pink. Or how about a new sport? The cross-country ski trails around Obergurgl are usually in fantastic conditions until late April. Learn cross-country skiing and glide through the magical alpine landscape.

Cross-country skiing Gurgl winter sunshine
wellness Gurgl winter couple

Sunshine skiing in Gurgl

Therefore the answer to the question of whether you should go skiing at Easter can only be answered with "YES". Here are our TOP 3 reasons for memorable Easter holidays in Gurgl:

1. Sun, sun and even more sun! The days on the ski slopes are pleasantly mild. And who doesn't like to come back from vacation sun-kissed?

2. Long days, lots of time for activities. The days are getting longer again and there is still plenty of time for excursions, wellness & more after a day on the slopes.

3. Firn snow on and off the slopes. In spring, there are wonderful corn snow downhill runs in the ski area and there are also myriad snow-covered slopes for ski touring in the open terrain.

Frequently asked questions about Easter skiing

It doesn't matter if Easter is early in March or later in April - you should always choose a snow-reliable ski area that also guarantees the best snow conditions in spring. The Gurgl ski area starts at 1800 meters and extends to over 3000 meters above sea level. Perfect slope conditions, sunny descents and snow-white spring fever are guaranteed when skiing at Easter. HERE you can find out everything you need to know about great Easter holidays in Gurgl.

In Austria and Tirol you will still enjoy perfect slope conditions in April. Therefore, ski areas at higher altitudes are ideal, as they are the most snow-reliable. In the Gurgl ski area, which extends from 1800 up to 3030 meters altitude, snow is absolutely guaranteed until the end of April. This alpine mountain village makes a true winter sports paradise. Especially in April, temperatures are pleasantly mild and the weather is invitingly sunny. Even if Easter is late, the slope conditions are still perfect in Gurgl. HERE you can find out everything about Easter ski holidays and sunshine skiing in Gurgl.