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Long Distance Hiking recommended route

Ötztal Trek Route 2

Long Distance Hiking · Ötztal
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  • Hildesheimer Hütte
    Hildesheimer Hütte
    Photo: Roland Grüner, Ötztal
STAGE 6 – 9


Hochstubaihütte (3.174 m) – Hildesheimer Hütte(2.899 m) – Siegerlandhütte (2.710 m) – Gasthaus Hochfirst (1.860 m) – Brunnenkogelhaus (2.738 m)

Distance 35.9 km
15:00 h
2,797 m
3,253 m
3,174 m
1,755 m

The first stage of this high Alpine loop hike leads to Brunnenkogelhaus at (2738 m) altitude. Here you continue on the panoramic high-altitude trail towards Timmelsjoch pass where the route crosses the South Tyrolean border and travels to Schneeberghaus (2355 m). The return hike to Ötztal follows an ancient smugglers' trail via Windacher Scharte ridge. Close by you'll also find Siegerlandhütte (2710m). Traversing Gamsplatzl you ascend to Hildesheimer Hütte (2899 m) with lovely Zuckerhütl as scenic backdrop. To get to Hochstubaihütte (3174 m), the tour's very last stage, you can choose between two options: The expert tour travels across several glacier fields at an almost equal altitude level (current information on the spot!) or along the nearly ice-free route through Warenkar cirque and via Himmelsleiter.

Profile picture of Roland Grüner
Roland Grüner 
Update: April 26, 2024
Highest point
3,174 m
Lowest point
1,755 m
Best time of year

Track types

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Rest stops

Brunnenkogel Hut
Gasthaus Hochfirst

Safety information

For high alpine experienced mountaineers that are free from vertigo & surefooted. Excellent physical condition, extensive mountain experience, alpine climbing gear, safety- and orientation guide, good weather conditions recommended. Please pay attention to the current weather report

Tips and suggestions

Approach – from Sölden via Fiegl's Hut in Windachtal and Seekarsee to Hochstubai Hut approx. 5.5 hours ascent; alternatively, bus from Sölden to Fiegl's Hut in Windachtal – then about 3.5 hours ascent to Hochstubai Hut.


More details about hiking In Ötztal: https://www.oetztal.com/wandern 


46.981895, 11.065034
46°58'54.8"N 11°03'54.1"E
32T 657046 5205221



Turn-by-turn directions

Solden's silent side

Hochstubaihütte (3,174 m) - Hildesheimer Hütte (2.900 m) - Siegerlandhütte (2.710 m) - Gasthaus Hochfirst (1.860 m) - Brunnenkogelhaus (2.738 m) A classic for all climbers is the route 2 of the Ötztal Treks - Söldens quiet side! The route around the Windach Valley leads us along the old smugglers' paths - including a trip to neighboring South Tyrol!



Hochstubaihütte (3174 m) -> SCHARTE AM Windachferner -> HILDESHEIMER HUT (2900 m)

Route: Climbing, groomed path along the glacier Requirements: Safety, dizzying; Black mountain trail Difficulties: steep descent on the ladder to heaven Equipment: standard hiking equipment, glacier equipment for passages about Windachferner and Gaiskarferner not required Walking time: about 5.5 hours Elevation gain: about 650 meters climbing, 900 meters descending Highest point: 3,174 m Distance: approximately 7 km Lodging, refreshment stops: Hochstubaihütte, restaurant Jochdohle, Hildesheimer Hütte Access Exit points: from Sölden via Gasthaus Fiegl in Windachtal and Seekarsee to Hochstubaihütte (about 5.5 hours ascent, about 4.5 hours Descent); From Sölden through the Windachtal and via Aschenbrenner- or Gaiskarweg (steep) to Hildesheimer Hütte (about 5 h ascent, approx. 4 h descent); alternatively bus from Sölden to Fiegl's cabin in Windachtal - continue for approximately 3.5 h rise to Hochstubaihütte (about 2.5 h descent) and 3 h rise to Hildesheim cabin (about 2 h down); Information on the bus: T +43 (0) 57200 200

Ice-free from hut to hut

From the hut, we first take the direction of the river via Seekarsee in the opposite direction. Then follows the passage through the so-called heavenly ladder, through which the path descends in serpentine lines. Ropes and staircases facilitate the passage. We walk flat out to an emergency stop (key hangs next to the door), before the path leads to the Seekarsee in steeper terrain. Below the lake, you turn left and take the trail that goes east. After the swampy foothills of the shopping cart, the path winds its way upwards to the top of the Windachferner. You descend to the glacier and follow the path up to the Jochdohle restaurant in the ski area. Beyond the Gaiskarferner, we descend south-east to a rocky ridge until we reach further down the Hildesheimer Hütte.




Route: Climbing, Path Requirements: Step safety, dizziness; Mountain route red Difficulties: no special difficulties Equipment: normal hiking equipment Walking time: approx. 3.5 h Difference in altitude: approx. 350 Hm ascent, approx. 550 Hm descent Highest point: 3.018 m Distance: approx. 5 km Accommodation: Hildesheimerhütte, Siegerlandhütte Cross-way, exit: from Sölden through the Windach Valley and via Aschenbrenner- or Gaiskarweg (steep) to Hildesheimer Hütte (about 5 h ascent, approx. 4 h descent); From Sölden through the Windachtal to Siegerlandhütte (about 5 h ascent, approx. 4 h descent); Alternatively bus from Sölden to Fiegl's Hütte in the Windach Valley - approx. 3 h ascent to Hildesheimer Hütte and Siegerlandhütte (approx. 2 h descent); Information on the bus: T +43 (0) 57200 200

All under the spell of the Zuckerhüttl 

We first walk down the hut farm from the Windachal, then descend to the left to the Gaiskarbach. Afterwards the moraine of the impressive and famous Pfaffenfern is crossed, before it goes partly over Blockwerk to the Gamsplatzl (shortly before once rope safeguards). You can see the Zuckerhütl with 3.507 m and the most spectacular elevations in the Ötztaler Alps. On the other side, the trail climbs downhill in serpentines in steep terrain and leads us further down to the Triebenkarsee below the Triebenkarlasferner's tongue. Then follows a passage without a substantial change in altitude, the trail crosses the steep slopes of the Scheiblehn and finally leads comfortably upwards to the Siegerlandhütte.




Route: Climbing, cart track, track requirements: Safety, dizzying; Mountain route red Difficulty: no special difficulties Equipment: normal hiking equipment Walking time: approx. 4 h Difference in altitude: approx. 262 Hm ascent, approx. 1.112 hm descents Highest point: 2,862 m Distance: approx. 5 km Accommodation: lodge, Siegerlandhütte, Gasthaus Hochfirst Quereinstieg , Exit: from Sölden through the Windachtal to Siegerlandhütte (about 5 h ascent, approx. 4 h descent); From Moos / Passeier to the Gasthof Hochfirst (approx. 3,5 h ascent, approx. 3 h descent); From the Timmelsstraße to the Timmelsalm (approx. 0,5 h ascent and descent) by bus from Sölden to the Timmelsjoch, walking time to the Gasthof Hochfirst (approx. 1,5 h descent)

On the paths of smugglers

Along the old smugglers' paths we hike to the Windachscharte at 2.862 m. There we crossed the Austrian / Austrian border, already happily used the transition. With a nice view into the Passeier valley, you can easily downhill to the Timmelsalm. Just below we meet the Timmelsjoch Hochalpenstraße, a popular crossing from the Ötztal to South Tyrol. From here it is not far to the Gasthof Hochfirst, which is located directly on the Hochalpenstraße. DAY TIP If you want to extend the round, you have the possibility to take the turn-off at the Timmler Schwarzsee towards the Schneeberghaus (T. +39 0473 647045). A trip to the South Tyrolean mining history is worth it. In addition, the good lunch dishes are widely known. From Siegerlandhütte approx. 4 - 5 h walking time, ascent: 400 Hm, descent: 750 Hm; From the Schneeberghaus to the Gasthof Hochfirst approx. 2.5 h walking time, ascent: 100 m, descent: 860 m




Route: Climbing Requirements: Step safety, dizziness; Bergweg schwarz Difficulty: exposed passages on the ridge, stable weather conditions particularly important Equipment: normal hiking equipment Walking time: approx. 5 h Difference in altitude: approx. 1,200 Hm ascent, approx. 250 Hm descent Highest point: 2.966 m Distance: approx , Stop: Brunnenkogelhaus, Rasthaus at the Timmelsjoch (no overnight stay), Gasthaus Hochfirst Cross-country trail, exit: from Sölden over the Fiegl's hut in the Windach Valley to the Brunnenkogelhaus (about 5 h ascent, approx. 4 h descent); Alternatively bus from Sölden to Fiegl's Hütte - then another 3 h ascent to Brunnenkogelhaus (about 2 h descent); Information Bus to Fiegl's hut T +43 (0) 57200 200; Information Bus from Timmelsjoch to Obergurgl T +43 (0) 57200 100

A high-altitude trail of the special class

First you climb up from the Gasthof Hochfirst to the Timmelsjoch. From the Rasthaus at the Timmelsjoch, the path passes by several small lakes and now runs gently ascending. The karenkar is crossed as well as then the Röten- and the Wietenkar, in consequence one rises in serpentines through steep, rock-permeated terrain up to the Wannenkarsattel. From here, you continue along the ridge to the Wilden Rötespitz, the highest point of this hike. The Ötztaler Wildspitze, the highest mountain in North Tyrol, the magnificent white ball, the Stubaier Zuckerhütl are among the exhibitors. Now it is not too far, it is easy to descend to the Brunnenkogelhaus at the top of the Vorderbrunnenkogel. For the descent to Sölden, choose the route to Fiegl's hut in the Windach Valley (approx. 2 h), from here you can take the Windachlinie (bus) to Sölden (walking time approx. 2 h). To get to the starting point of the next stage, take the bus from Sölden to Obergurgl

Public transport

Travel safe and comfortable with the train to the Ötztal Bahnhof train station. Last stop and exit point is the train station Ötztal Bahnhof. Afterwards you can travel smoothly and quick with the public transport or our local taxi companies through the valley to your desired destination. Please find the current bus timetable here: http://fahrplan.vvt.at



The car drive to the Ötztal valley. Situated in Tirol, the Ötztal valley set off in southerly direction and is the longest side valley in the Eastern Alps. The journey with the car leads you through the Inntal valley to the entrance of the valley and further on through the valley. Among the toll motorways you can also use the country roads. A route planner will show you the easiest and most convenient way: https://www.google.at/maps


The following parking facilities are available in Sölden:


- Parking lot

- parking lot Stiegele

- stair parking

- Giggijochbahn + underground garage

- Gaislachkoglbahn + underground garage

- Parking Hochsölden

- parking garage Hochsölden 1. parking lot

- parking Zwieselstein

- parking Zwieselstein / sports ground

 All parking is chargeable


Parking for several days (eg hike tour):

- car par Gaislachkoglbahn | Parkticket either online or directly at the cash desk of the Gaislachkoglbahn


46.981895, 11.065034
46°58'54.8"N 11°03'54.1"E
32T 657046 5205221
Get there by train, car, bike, or on foot!

Author’s map recommendations

Kompass Hiking Map (available at the Ötztal Tourism information offices)


Appropriate equipment such as breathable suitable outdoor clothes for the weather, is for all hikes and tours necessary. Please bring a first-aid box, a mobile phone, a walking map and if there is no hut on the way a snack and enough to drink.

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35.9 km
15:00 h
2,797 m
3,253 m
Highest point
3,174 m
Lowest point
1,755 m


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