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Piccard Bridge Obergurgl

Tightrope act at Gurgler Ferner

Dizzyingly high, but completely secured: This is how you can describe the adventurous suspension bridge in the rear Gurgler Tal valley. Since the 2017 summer, the 142 meter long suspension bridge spans the deep ravine between the two sides of the valley. At the same time it is an important link between Langtalereckhütte and Ramolhaus. The construction was named after Auguste Piccard, the famous stratosphere balloonist.

An new attraction due to natural reasons

The Piccard Bridge makes a real highlight either on the loop hiking tour from Obergurgl or on the ascent to Ramolhaus. Primarily, it was built to guarantee a safe crossing of the gorge at Gurgler Ferner glacier. Falling rocks in the area of the old wooden bridge on the valley floor and high water or floods had seriously damaged the hiking trail that connected Langtalereckhütte, Ramolhaus and Hochwildehaus. Thanks to the construction of the new bridge, which spans the dangerous section at an incredible height of 100 meters, the hut to hut hikes have even gained in quality and adventure level. The Piccard adventurer family gave the name to this highly innovative project and there couldn't have been a better choice. In 1931, Auguste Piccard made the little mountain village of Obergurgl world-famous overnight due to his emergency balloon landing at Gurgler Ferner glacier - not far from the newly built bridge.


Piccard Bridge Obergurgl Landscape Panorama

Altitudes: west 2490 m /
east 2470 m / valley 2380 m

Length: 142 m

Height: 100 m above the ground

Walking width: 0.7 m

Loop hike or hut tour to Ramolhaus

The Piccard Bridge marks the turning point of a splendid loop hike from Obergurgl. The perfectly signposted trail leads from the center of the village to Gurgler Ache mountain brook and over steep grass slopes, crossing several small glacier brooklets, to Küppelealm at about 2300 m. The hike continues into the upper valley and picture-book Ramolhaus, which is perched on a rocky outcrop, motivates all who have chosen this beautiful hiking destination. A bit below the hut, the trail branches off to Piccard Bridge that leads to the other side of the valley.

The panoramic hiking trail on the western side of the valley is not only used as an access route to Ramolhaus but also as an alternative route to Langtalereckhütte. After a refreshing rest stop at the hut, hikers can return to Obergurgl on the eastern side of the valley. The loop hike can also be walked in the reverse direction: First you ascend via Schönwieshütte to Langtalereckhütte, before the Piccard Bridge takes you back over the valley floor. For the entire loop hike (without Ramolhaus) you should calculate about 6 hours walking time.

Highest point: 2688 m
Ascent and descent: 819 m difference in altitude each
Refreshment stops: Ramolhaus, Langtalereckhütte, Schönwieshütte, Zirben Alm

Important: The suspension bridge is open to hikers from early July until the end of September. In autumn the hiking trail is covered on a length of 30 meters to protect it from avalanches.

Ramolhaus Obergurgl Ötztal Landscape Panorama