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Hohe Mut plus glacier experience

The Alps' most scenic box seat

The summit of Hohe Mut (2653 m) towers high above Gurgl . From the grass-covered ridge hikers enjoy a magnificent panoramic view of 21 three thousand meter high mountains and a dozen glaciers. You can literally inhale the cool ice in close touch with the high Alpine mountains. Depending on your preferences, you can either walk or take a comfy mountain gondola ride from Gurgl. A loop hiking trail takes you straight to the glacier moraines.

Landscape shaped by the Ice Age

Granatenkogl, Seelenkogl, Schalfkogl, Zirmkogl ... Anyone who wants to name the mighty summits and peaks at a stone's throw away from Hohe Mut will be busy for a while. But the mountain tops and glacier fields have plenty of what we so often lack: time and patience. The high Alpine panorama from the summit plateau (and from the sunny terrace of Hohe Mut Alm) is worth the strenuous hike of intermediate difficulty from Gurgl. Even families with motivated kids can make the climb that offers new incentives in a row for the youngest walkers.

From the starting point in Gurgl the trail first leads on Gaisbergweg to Zirben Alm, straight through Obergurgl's Stone Pine Forest, a nature treasure, and further into Rotmoostal Alpine side valley. Schönwieshütte and its inviting terrace makes a perfect spot for your first refreshment stop. Then you continue to Hohe Mut ridge and finally to the summit. You can either return on the same route or take a downhill ride on Hohe Mut gondola. Another variant leads through Gaisbergtal and further up to Hohe Mut.

Those who want to admire the glacier ice at close range, should follow the Rotmoostal Water Strider Loop Hiking Trail. The tour starts with a gondola ride up to Hohe Mut, then you continue towards Rotmoosferner glacier through quite flat terrain. Stony mountain trails lead to a striking moraine at 2720 m above sea level, the highest point of this hike right in front of mighty Rotmoosferner glacier. In Rotmoostal the trail leads again out of the valley to Schönwieshütte, you return to Gurgl through the magnificent stone pine forest and past Rotmoos waterfall.

Special tip: On the theme trail focusing on "Glaciers, garnets and bluebells", installed by the Ötztal Nature Park, you will get to know even more about the region.

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