Gurgl 1.800 m | 3.080 m

Fri, 01.03.2024

Morning Afternoon
-2°C 4°C
50%Precipitation risk 70%Precipitation risk

Disturbance influence Snow line at 1600m above sea level

Gurgl 1.800 m | 3.080 m

Sat, 02.03.2024

Morning Afternoon
-2°C 2°C
30%Precipitation risk 40%Precipitation risk

Rising southerly foehn wind Sunny and cloudy from the south

Gurgl 1.800 m | 3.080 m

Sun, 03.03.2024

Morning Afternoon
-3°C 1°C
90%Precipitation risk 70%Precipitation risk

Stormy southerly foehn wind Southerly barrier effects at the main Alpine ridge

Gurgl 1.800 m | 3.080 m

Mon, 04.03.2024

Morning Afternoon
-3°C 4°C
40%Precipitation risk 10%Precipitation risk

End of the foehn wind - Slow weather improvement throughout the day

Gurgl 1.800 m | 3.080 m

Tue, 05.03.2024

Morning Afternoon
-4°C 2°C
0%Precipitation risk 50%Precipitation risk

We start with sunshine More clouds during the day

Days Preview


Day Outlook

Influence of disturbance! The high-pressure system belongs to the past; low-pressure influence once again takes command in the weather scenario. Throughout the day, a strong, sometimes low-hanging cloud cover dominates the sky. The sun remains in the background. Additionally, repeated precipitation occurs, which can at times be quite heavy. The snow line fluctuates between 1400m and 1700m above sea level.


  Morning Afternoon
Mountain summit3.000 m -6°C -7°C
Mountain2.500 m -1°C -1°C
Obergurgl-Hochgurgl1.930 m / 2.150 m -2°C 4°C


Morning: Weak

Afternoon: Weak

Hours of Sun

max. 0 Hours

Precipitation risk

Morning: 50%

Afternoon: 70%

Zero Degree Limit

1900 m