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Calories burned when skiing

Uphill on the ski lift. Downhill on skis while burning calories.

How many calories do you burn while skiing? A question that has no simple answer. How many calories you actually burn on a day of skiing depends on several aspects such as your skiing style, your weight and the difficulty of the ski slopes. And of course, how many yeast dumplings you ate in the mountain restaurant before, ha-ha. But seriously: Here you will find interesting facts about calorie consumption when skiing. And advice on how to get rid of many calories very quickly in the Gurgl ski area.

Every skier is different

Do a professional skier like Dave Ryding and the average skier carving down the same slope burn exactly the same number of calories? Rather unlikely! And here we come to the problem of how many calories you actually burn while skiing. Because no one, and therefore no skier, is like everyone else! The following factors can strongly influence how many calories we burn while skiing:

  • Skiing style
  • Weight
  • Difficulty of the slope
  • Ski equipment
  • Temperature on the day of skiing

How high is the calorie consumption when skiing?

Even if we cannot give you an exact number, we can make a guess. If we assume an average but ambitious skier who skis for 60 minutes on a moderately difficult (red) slope, this skier burns between 400 and 600 calories.

Depending on whether you put more or less pressure on the ski edges and how you use your body weight, the number of calories burnt can of course vary. An interesting detail: The daytime temperature on the day of skiing also influences calorie consumption. Therefore, you burn more calories on cold winter days than on a warm spring skiing day.

All information about the ski area

Ski highlights in Gurgl to shed calories

Without a bad conscience (however, is that even necessary on a great day of skiing?) you can stop at Hohe Mut Alm or Top Mountain Crosspoint and enjoy a “Tirolean Groestl” or a delicious pizza, because there are quite a few ski challenges in the ski area that let the calories burn quickly. Here are a few examples:

Funmountain Obergurgl

The so-called Funmountain Obergurgl combines four different fun facilities for all the family: a fun slope, a fun-cross course, a snow park and a family park. It takes you downhill speedily across steep curves, waves and jumps. Quite similar to the calories you burn, because the obstacles require speed, stamina and endurance.

More about Funmountain Obergurgl

First Line

On the First Line adventure you can literally kiss the ski area awake and hit some selected slopes exclusively with a few like-minded people before the ski area starts operating. So much space on the slopes allows you to enjoy sporty, really huge carving turns in the snow. And it is well known that you burn significantly more calories than doing an easy stem turn. By the way: The gourmet breakfast that follows at Hohe Mut Alm will probably add a few more calories.

Explore First Line

Steep and bumpy downhill

As mentioned at the beginning, calorie consumption when skiing also depends on the terrain in which you are skiing. The difficult downhill run from Hohe Mut Alm to Gaisberg, including a mogul slope, is fairly challenging. There is also a steep downhill on skis with plenty of calorie consumption in Hochgurgl, from Top Mountain Star straight down to Wurmkogl’s middle station.

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calories burned skiing