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Fun Mountain Obergurgl

Four fun courses for all the family

Looking for a challenge? Away from the classic ski slope, adventure-seeking guests can prove their worth in various ways in Obergurgl: the Audi quattro fun slope at Festkogl mountain gondola combines a snow park and downhill fun in a dynamic way. Declared speed fans feel really challenged at the new fun cross course. For the first freestyle attempts the Family Park at Bruggenboden lift is the right place while advanced park riders get together in the Snow Park at Steinmann lift. What's best, the entire Fun Mountain is shaped by girls only!

Audi quattro funslope Obergurgl: good mood booster

Beginners and experts of all ages can enjoy this wonderful blend of ski piste, cross and snow park. Below the quattro Festkogl Alm in Obergurgl skiers and snowboarders can access the 500 m long track which is brimming with fun elements.

First of all, the speed boost provides an extra dose of speed to master the fast-paced waves and banked curves with as much airstream as possible. Full swing ahead towards the superb snow snail, through the tunnel, into the next steep bend, over a bridge and a few waves in the snow. A truly pulse quickening adventure until you finally reach the giant high five hand at the end of the course. Done! Time to take a deep breath and to indulge in the magnificent panorama before the ski tips once again point towards Festkogl or Roßkar mountain lifts. Because one thing is for sure: the fun slope is highly addictive!

Funslope Obergurgl Ski Area Skiing

Funcross Obergurgl: at full flow

Speed aficionados who like to master also obstacles rapidly, meet at Steinmann lift. The fun cross course with finely shaped steep turns, brisk jumps and numerous flowing waves is designed for fast and sporty riders, promising a maximum of skiing and snowboarding pleasure in the secured ski area. Additionally, a slope cop measuring your personal speed, boosts the ambition. Breaking your own record again and again is the slogan. And if the racing fever has already caught you, there's only one more thing to do: show your ultimate skills on occasion of the Fun Cross Race Series held in March. Anyone who wants to spice up a skiing day with a dose of action is warmly welcome.

Snowpark Obergurgl: freestyle deluxe

The new, extended Snow Park at Steinmann lift is the heart of the Fun Mountain, attracting advanced riders in an almost magic way. Whether intermediate or advanced area: the highly motivated crew consisting of four female shapers, a head shaperess and a female park designer, gives free rein to imagination and creativity on a course with at least 18 obstacles. Now the biggest girls crew in the Alps is setting up a massive park amidst the ski area which is also prepared for truly big events (e.g. the Girls Shred Session and the "Game of Diamonds" QParks Tour were hosted here in winter 2017/18).

One of the new highlights in the 2018/19 winter season are the weekly coaching units guided by the crew every Friday from 1.00 pm - with plenty of useful tips and tricks in the Snow Park.

More details at www.snowpark-obergurgl.com

Familypark Obergurgl: beginner’s paradise

Early practice makes the master when it comes to freestyle sports - the best snow playground can be found in Obergurgl: the new Family Park next to Bruggenbode lift at 2120 m altitude offers prime conditions for the youngest shred heads and freestyle beginners. Butter boxes, rainbow boxes and kickers with a table length of 2 and 3 meters are just perfect obstacles to improve your basic freestyle skills. Everything in the park is designed to celebrate the first successful training units by increasing the fascination of freestyling.

Event tip: The Family Park also hosts the SNOWHOW Kids' Day on 15.02.2019 especially for motivated rookies. Together with the experienced SNOWHOW and QParks coaches they improve their skills quickly and indulge into the world of freestyle.

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Funcross Obergurgl
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