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Ski holiday with dog

With your four-legged friend in the snow

Of course, our most loyal companion should not be missing on vacation. While master and mistress hit the slopes in the Obergurgl and Hochgurgl ski area or relax in the spa, the four-legged friend is also doing well. Many dog-friendly accommodations, sunny winter hiking trails and first-class infrastructure ensure a memorable ski vacation with your dog right on the slopes.

Ski holiday with dog

Ski holiday with your dog in Gurgl

Winter in Gurgl is not only a real pleasure for all two-legged snow fans. Our four-legged friends can also recover from the stressful everyday dog life at home during a winter holiday. Of course, the best way to do so are extensive dog walks in the snow. Around Obergurgl and Hochgurgl not only cross-country skiers have fun on the 12 km long high-altitude Nordic trail, but also walkers with and without dogs. The sunny winter hiking trails are well prepared and there are plenty of rubbish bins and doggie bag dispensers along the route. A truly memorable experience is a snowshoe hike together with your four-legged friend. Stomping through the untouched snowy landscape while enjoying the tranquility of nature.

Discover winter activities in Gurgl

Ski holiday with dog

Gurgl route tips for winter hikes with dogs

Several theme trails and hikes around Gurgl provide variety on the walks. The nature trail through the stone pine forest leads past meter-high pine trees on the outskirts of Obergurgl and is of great natural beauty. You can also walk to Schönwieshütte in winter, followed by relaxing moments with your four-legged friend on the sunny terrace against the unique mountain panorama as lovely backdrop. In Hochgurgl, the Hochgurgl romantic trail invites you to take relaxing walks - a stop at the Crosspoint is no problem even with a dog. For safety reasons, the slopes are a dog-free zone, but four-legged passengers are also allowed on the mountain gondola up to Hohe Mut. Enjoy the view of 21 peaks higher than three thousand meters together with your faithful companion.

Furry friends welcome – dog-friendly accommodations in Gurgl

In 34 accommodations in Obergurgl and Hochgurgl also "pets are welcome" on your ski holiday. Most of these lodgings, ranging from hotels to apartments to bed and breakfasts, are right on the ski slopes. Ideal for paying your four-legged friend a visit every now and then during the ski day. The hosts, many of whom are dog owners themselves, will be happy to provide you with useful advice on the most beautiful dog walking routes within the area. In some accommodations you can even rent items such as dog blankets and bowls.

Dog-friendly accommodations in Gurgl

Ski holiday with dog

Dog etiquette on a ski holiday

  • When walking your dog, always keep it on a leash.
  • Take enough doggie bags with you and dispose of them properly in the rubbish bin.
  • Respect the rules in your accommodation. Which areas are accessible to humans and animals? Which areas are taboo for dogs?
  • Dogs are not allowed on the ski slopes for safety reasons.
  • Special rules apply to the transport of animals in buses and mountain gondolas (lead on a short leash, wear a bite-proof muzzle). Find out about the current guidelines in advance.
  • Even on holiday, a retreat for your dog and sufficient water and food are essential at all times.
  • Safe journey: stable transport box that offers sufficient space and protection.
Ski holiday with dog

Traveling with a dog

Well-prepared, going on a holiday with your dog is a relaxing pleasure for all two- and four-legged friends of the family. When booking your accommodation, you should inform your host that you want to bring your dog with you. In Gurgl, four-legged friends are warmly welcome in 34 hotels, apartments and guesthouses. Your dog should also stay alone for a few hours while the rest of the family explores the ski area. Also consider the high alpine altitude of Gurgl: special equipment to protect your dog from the cold (paw shoes, dog coat, etc.) and appropriate sun protection (UV goggles, sunscreen for sensitive dog noses) may be necessary. Pack enough food, treats, toys and the dog bed for the holiday. Important documents such as pet ID card, proof of insurance and vaccination certificate also belong in your four-legged friend's luggage.

The costs for a ski vacation with a dog vary greatly - depending on the season and the type of accommodation. As a general rule, a ski holiday with a dog is more expensive than without, as there are additional costs in the accommodation, e.g. for cleaning. Additionally, any travel expenses and, if necessary, on-site support should be included in the holiday budget. In Gurgl there are the best conditions for a ski holiday with your dog right on the ski slope: 112 kilometers of pistes, 12 kilometers of winter hiking trails, dog-friendly accommodations on the slope incl. ski-in/ski-out and countless winter activities for all the family. You can find everything you need to know about ski holidays with a dog HERE.

Enjoy a relaxed ski vacation with your dog in Gurgl, Ötztal. From mid-November to the end of April, master and mistress can let off steam to their heart's content on 112 kilometers of immaculate pistes. Countless dog-friendly accommodations are located directly on the slopes and several kilometers of sunny winter hiking trails can be explored on two legs and four paws. Also hut hikes or snowshoe tours with your four-legged friend are no problem in Gurgl, the Diamond of the Alps. HERE you can find out everything you need to know about a ski holiday with your dog directly on the slopes.