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Calorie consumption hiking

Low in calories but panoramic

Hiking in Gurgl lets the kilos tumble while calorie consumption increases. Here you can find out why hiking is the ideal fitness program for losing weight and why Gurgl is particularly suitable for this healthy project.

Hiking - a treat for body and soul

Hiking is one of the most fabulous ways to explore nature. Additionally, mountain walking has many positive effects on your body and mind. Because hiking is simply good for you. You breathe in the crisp and clean mountain air, let your gaze wander into the distance and feel instantly relaxed. Therefore, you also release the feel-good hormone serotonin and the happiness messenger dopamine. A sport that promises happiness. But hiking is even more helpful. The endurance sport is a true fitness miracle. If you want to lose weight, simply lace up your hiking boots today and right now.

Hiking in Obergurgl Hochgurgl
Hiking in Obergurgl Hochgurgl

How many calories you burn when hiking

Hiking is a real all-rounder. All those who regularly walk up and down the mountains are doing something really good for their body. Basic endurance and stamina are promoted, the cardiovascular system is stimulated and the muscles are strengthened. Still not convinced? Then read on. Bones, tendons and ligaments also benefit from constant training as they become more stable and resilient. Fresh mountain air strengthens your immune system and clears your respiratory tract.

Additionally, hiking is a perfect fat burner. There is hardly any other sport that lets kilos tumble off faster and more beautifully. After all, losing weight with a mountain view is more pleasant than without any panorama. A hike not only sets the legs in motion, but also the fat metabolism. You burn an average of 350 kilocalories per hour. At higher intensity, for example on high alpine tours, you can even burn up to 500 kilocalories per hiking hour. On a two to three hour hike, your calorie consumption will be around 1000 kcal. In general, the longer and more intense the hike, the higher the calorie consumption.

Tips & tricks for particularly high calorie consumption

No matter if you are a mountain novice or an ambitious athlete, hiking is a fat burning booster for every fitness level. These tips will show you how the calories tumble even a little faster.

  • Altitude: The higher the mountain, the thinner the air. That’s obvious. But did you also know that fat burning is boosted by every meter of altitude? Thinner air makes the body work harder and requires more calories. Fortunately, there is plenty of thin air in Gurgl. For example, on a hike to three thousand meter high peaks or a high alpine tour in upper Ötztal.
  • Mountain gondola: Unfortunately, a gondola ride alone is not an insider tip for maximum calorie consumption. Only what follows is decisive. The Gurgl mountain lifts take you straight to the heart of high alpine terrain. On scenic Hohe Mut Gondola, for example, you can soar up to lofty 2670 meters. It means that all mountain fans who are new to hiking can also take advantage of the altitude (= higher fat burning level) without exhausting themselves completely. A true win-win situation. Especially if you are part of a hiking group. Everyone can choose the route that best suits their own fitness level.
  • Interval: Anyone who hikes faster and increases their pulse rate burns more calories. However, in order to enjoy the hike for as long as possible without running out of air and motivation after 5 minutes, we recommend interval training. Depending on your physical stamina, you cover some sections of the route faster and others slower. This training method strengthens your cardiovascular system and makes a perfect holiday combination. Because it would really be a shame if you didn't have enough time for mountain views, glacier vistas and alpine meadows, wouldn't it?
  • Equipment: Hiking poles not only help to improve balance and protect knee and ankle joints. They are also a miracle weapon for fight superfluous kilos. The additional arm movement increases calorie consumption and your sports unit becomes even more intense. By the way: as well your backpack has an impact on calorie consumption. Especially at the beginning of your hiking career, a light backpack helps you build up your physical condition without overstraining yourself. More experienced hikers can challenge themselves with a heavier backpack and maximize calorie consumption.

The following applies: the higher the hike, the higher the calorie consumption. HERE we show you high-altitude tours in Gurgl, which are guaranteed to have great views and are low in calories.

Hiking in Obergurgl Hochgurgl

FAQs about hiking & calorie consumption

On average, 350 kilocalories are burned per hour during a hike. However, the actual consumption strongly depends on many factors: hiking speed, altitude of starting point, meters in altitude covered, weight – yours plus equipment, temperature as well as intensity and duration of the hiking unit. Depending on the situation, 500 kilocalories per hour can also be burnt when it comes to calorie balance. Many hikes start in the glacier village of Gurgl, which not only do something good for the body, but also offer something for the mind thanks to splendid panoramic views.

Yes, because hiking burns a lot of calories and also has myriad other advantages. On average, a hiker burns 350 kilocalories per hour - that's about as much as jogging for an hour. But as we all know, there is always room for improvement in the mountains. Depending on the intensity of the hiking unit, calorie consumption increases to up to 500 kilocalories per hour. Additionally, endurance sports have a positive effect on the cardiovascular system, blood circulation in the muscles and the immune system. This makes hiking the perfect sport for losing weight and staying fit. There are even more tips about fitness hiking HERE.

Hiking burns between 350 and 500 kilocalories per hour. The more altitude meters you cover, the higher the calorie consumption. In addition, the duration of the hike, the outdoor temperature, your own weight, the weight of your equipment and the starting point’s altitude can influence calorie consumption. Find out how to burn even more fat on your next hike HERE.