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Snowshoe hiking

White, white, white is all you see …

In Gurgl, explorers and those hungry for adventure can indulge deeply into the snow-covered mountains of Ötztal’s rearrest part, equipped with snowshoes and under the guidance of local experts. Majestic glaciers and eternal ice fields accompany you near and far.

Splendid trudging

If you prefer deep snow away from cleared winter hiking trails, it is best to strap snowshoes under your feet. Thanks to the wide contact surfaces, you hardly sink in and feel like Yeti on a foray through the Himalayan mountains. It is fairly possible that you can watch Alpine animals in Gurgl or at least animal tracks when trudging on snowshoes through the mountains of rear Ötztal. After a challenging ascent, you will experience a moment of true happiness as soon as you step out of the forest into a clearing that overlooks untouched, glittering snow fields as far as your eye can see.
Snowshoe Hiking Obergurgl Hochgurgl

Guided snowshoe hikes

Snowshoe Hiking Obergurgl Hochgurgl

Trudging across country away from the lively village center, through deep snow-covered no man's land, only the sounds of nature are in your ears: That is what makes snowshoeing in Gurgl so attractive! Every Wednesday afternoon the local ski schools invite you to try out the gentle winter sport in “Yeti's footsteps”. The guides decide about the tour’s destination at short notice, depending on weather and snow conditions. All equipment for this 2-hour adventure is of course provided.

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